The Slieve Gallion Drama Walkers group was formed back in 2020. When a group of unlikely suspects from South Derry came together to climb mountains and set the world to rights.

Recently during one of our weekly treks the conversation turned to Charlie Bird’s appearance on the Late Late show and his battle with Motor Neurone. As Charlie said himself ”People get knocks every day” and how true to home is that statement for all of us.

Seamus himself lost his good Friend Tony Kelly to Motor Neurone in September 2015. Seamus and Tony met in San Francisco back in 1994. Both have a love for the outdoors, keeping fit and of course socialising with their many friends in San Francisco. The Group are very glad of this opportunity in memory of Tony to Join with Charlie Bird on this fantastic fundraiser.


Slieve Gallion is a mountain in County Derry. With its Stunning scenery and views, it is the easternmost of the Sperrin Mountains. Reaching a height of 528 metres and dominates the western shore of Lough Neagh.

The Group will be setting off bright and early with a lap of Lough Fea on the morning of Saturday the 2nd of April 2022 at 9.00am.

From Lough Fea they will make their way across Crocknagoss to Mobuy Wood. From Mobuy Wood they will start the hefty hike up into the hills of Glenarudda reaching the summit of Slieve Gallion with stands at 528 meters high.

Stopping at the small shipping container (Known as the Lighthouse), which is positioned 500 meters down from the summit and serves as a shelter for a quick cup of tea, a few ginger nuts, and a fresh drink of water for the groups four-legged ramblers Alfie Keenan and his lady friend Sparkles Lupari. Oh, and to let anyone who had to stop to tie their shoelaces catch up.

From here they will descend across Tintagh Mountain reaching the cross where Fr Gates will give absolution to anyone who succumbed to the use of bad language or a sneaky wine gum.

Tracking their way through Iniscarn Forest to the Finish line in the hope that some good Samaritan has turned up with soup and sandwiches.


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Thank you so much.

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